Beautiful You! With Essens UK

Welcome to Beautiful You with Essens UK. Here you will find a range of luxurious perfumes for men and women, that do not cost a fortune.

Why Choose Us?

Do you love luxury perfumes? But not like the price? Our Essens brand of fragrances are made to very high standards, contain 20% essential fragrance oils and therefore last a long time. They are manufactured to the highest ISO standards, using the best quality ingredients to ensure that your perfume is perfect! Samples are available so that you can try before you buy. 

Now offering FREE shipping on all samples, and orders over £50.00!

I’m very happy with my first bottle of perfume. The one I chose is extremely similar to my favourite perfume and the smell has lasted very well, at least 9 hours since I put it on and I can still smell it.


W134 and W157 were just on point 👌 very happy with my purchases and so happy I saved money for my favourite smells 💖 thank you Penny Ofsteng will definitely order again xx


About Us

Penny Ofsteng

store owner


ESSENS is currently one of the most dynamic MLM companies in Europe. It was established in autumn 2011 in Czech Republic based on the cooperation with professionals in network marketing and leading experts in the area of development and production of cosmetics and food supplements. At first ESSENS gained its respect and recognition by introducing exclusive perfumes with the highest possible quality on the market. The international team thoroughly choose between the most suitable fragrances from one of the world`s leading suppliers of perfume essences. Soon the first products from the area of special nutrition and food supplements came, thanks to these products our future was significantly influenced by new partners from the front European leaders among pharmaceutical companies. Because of this we still bring new products in our range of goods, which thanks to our network of members and distributors influence the market of many countries and bring invaluable benefit to millions of satisfied customers.

ESSENS offers much more than it seems at first glance. The name itself covers several meanings and words. It is the identically pronounced as an English word “essence”, which stands for the basis or foundation, as well as the aromatic essences which you can feel in our perfume or in your future with ESSENS. And did you notice that you hear a world “sense” while pronouncing ESSENS? We use our senses to perceive the world around us and they are our closest allies guiding us through our lives. According to many economists, network marketing represents one of the fastest ways to financial independence and the fulfilment of one’s dreams. ESSENS also contains the Czech word “sen”, which simply means a “dream” which stays inextricably linked with ESSENS.

By the beginning of 2016, we opened a brand new, modern ESSENS EUROPE headquarters in Brno. This event has put us among the most prosperous companies in the field. New modern base was built, so each one of our members who visits us feels comfortable and knows that we are here exclusively just for him.